Red River FC

About Us

A letter from Sport Advancement Team leadership


Fellow football (soccer) lovers of all kind,

There is nothing in this world like the unifying, beautiful, open armed culture that surrounds football.  In this day where technology is found almost everywhere, and is “able” to connect people, football is a true connector of people that cuts through politics, race, religion, cultural bias, hate, fear, financial status, or any other barrier or hurdles in each of our lives.  Football doesn’t require players to speak the same language, come from the same background, look the same, or have a set body type required.  Put a ball on the ground, put a few people together that can not communicate and whether they are four years old or 60 years old, just watch the beauty that follows…

Who are we?

Sport Advancement Team was created to bring together people that want to share the beauty that comes with sports, athleticism, competition, development of self and others and our shared passion of football.

From this collaboration through a shared passion from people worlds apart in experiences and upbringings, the professional development program and team, Red River Football Club was born.

Our Vision.

Football, or soccer or futbol or its many other names, is an ever growing game.  However, for anything to grow continuously, new ideas, creative processes and training must be merged with traditional methodologies.  Red River Football Club (RRFC) has the vision of melding cultures, using proven training programs, adding new methodologies and technologies.  Our direct influences are intentionally searched out, researched, and studied and come from both direct experiences of staff, administrators and athletes, and infusion of ideas through collaboration around the world.  RRFC is proud to be working with coaches, clubs, scouts and administrators locally and internationally. 

By pairing local talent with other talent around the country, and with talent from places such as Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Ghana, England, Belgium we will embody the spirit behind which America was made, inspire local, regional, national and international dreams by providing an accessible medium for enthusiasts to follow their dreams.

The Community

Inspiration.  This is our goal for the community.  We hope to inspire our community here in Bossier and the surrounding areas, to come together, support these incredibly talented, dedicated and hard working teams as they progress through their difficult journey to championship glory.  We hope the community looks to the games and is inspired to fuel their club through the chants, supportive cheers, and their shared love of the game.  Every team suffers their losses, bad seasons, tragedies.  A successful team is not just defined by their current record, but by the strength of the support behind them from their communities.  We look to see our community love their Men’s and Women’s teams so much that even when the team has their struggle, they know they have people behind them, to stand for them, as they are also a part of the TEAM.

Inspiration.  We hope to inspire the community to come together.  We aim to inspire our local community to join this culture of inclusion with no exceptions.  We pledge to be an inspiration of hope and dreams for our community.

Influencing the future of soccer

There are many problems in the football world.  Bad politics, greed, and for the USA, a broken development system from game introduction, to true development of youth, and continued development of young adults and adults.  Gaps are evident, collaborative work between youth clubs is rare, and the system has grown to a pay to play set up.  The top tier leagues are not connected to mid level tiers and are hardly connected to youth or lower tiered leagues.  Our partnerships, influencers and our league have the same thoughts, and as such, we are all working together to create a model that can be enjoyed by the supporters, that promotes positive growth in officials, coaches, administrators, scouts, which in turn will provide the grounds for a complete development model.  This club will be a part of influencing future generations of players and their development from our community, our region, are neighboring countries and the world.  Positive opportunities will breed positive mind sets which will create the future of our beautiful game. 

Our League

The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), shares our vision and purpose.  After many phone calls and meetings with UPSL, it was obvious to both parties that we were meant to be in the UPSL.  The UPSL boasts many accolades since its inception in 2011, and its explosive growth is a testament to how it is answering the calls of the players, coaches, fans and all involved.  Both your RRFC Men’s and Women’s Teams will play in the UPSL.  Not only does this league provide quality leadership and structure, but almost year-round play for these adults.  A season in the Spring followed by a fall season, provides players with 10 plus months of play.  The development that comes from continual play is undeniable.  Again, as a professional development program, our purpose to provide a high quality league with high quality teams, and continually provide that pathway for players to attempt to attract attention from even higher level opportunities.


We look forward to seeing you out at the games, hearing your voices raised in pride, and feeling the shared love of this beautiful game!


Joga Bonito!